My Boyfriend Uses Chat Lines to Talk to Girls

It is going around for the last 3 months and I am quite upset with the things going on in our relationship. We are in a relationship for the last 3 years and we were like an ideal couple.

Sorry!! I forgot to mention myself. I am Myra and I am 29 years old and sharing a great partnership with my boyfriend, Dave Johnson. I remember Dave since when we met first time in 2013 in our college but at that time he was a very shy guy and wasn’t like an open book with everyone.

On the other hand, I was like a cheerleader (not in those manners) but I was open for everyone and had a great relationship with boys as well as girls during my college days. But of course! I was not interested in anyone including Dave as well.

But again I encountered Dave in 2015 when he was appointed as the Marketing Head adjacent to my company in Silicon Valley. At first sight, we both couldn’t recognize each other but soon after we became like close friends, then we felt starting like soul mates after-wards.

But finally likes of three months I am feeling a very dull response in our relationship. First I thought it was normal and it happens sometimes. But like in December 2018 weekend he was not with me and I was with my family. It happened and I didn’t take it seriously.

Now when I saw him not very interested in me during the first weekend in January, I tried to spy on her phone and laptop; don’t blame – everyone does it. And here I found something that he was hiding from me for the last 1 year.

I was like who to tell it or how to tell it? He was everything for me and I didn’t believe he could have done such with me. He was calling and chatting with single or “finding single boys” cougars for these whole months??? Oh gosh! It was like a hell dream.

While spying on his laptop I found the websites related to “chat lines” where people can enjoy some free minutes, I think around 60, with the other hunting for the suitable ones within their reach and spend some good time on chat or on call for free, without spending anything. That’s what he was doing.

This website has such good features that anyone can contact anyone through chat lines through the numbers available on-site and make is free time enjoyable. I am very upset about it. Can anyone suggest me?

  • Should I join the site and make most of my time enjoyable with this site.
  • Or should I leave my boyfriend?

I hope I should leave him as he isn’t reliable and I can find another one using the chat lines numbers and this time I will find the most suitable one who won’t leave me alone again.

It was a true story from Myra and I have now decided to join this site.

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